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Wives On Fire - 2019 Ed.

Wives On Fire - 2019 Ed.


by Deidra Roussaw, Dr. Cleo Townsend , et al. | Jun 30, 2019


Wives on Fire has stories that are telling, passionate and impactful. Being a wife is hard work and information of what it takes to have a strong, happy and successful marriage is scarce. How bad can a marriage get? What does “until death do us part” really mean? How does one cater to her husband? What does God say about a woman’s role in marriage? Each wife has written her story honestly and transparently to share the truths, tragedies, and triumphs of marriage. 

Are you a wife in search of a real support system that provides everyday wisdom and practical marriage solutions? Wives on Fire will answer your questions, give you strength from fellow wives and ultimately change your marriage for the better.


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