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Marriage CEO Magazine

Marriage CEO Magazine


by Dr. Richard Serrano and Dr. Nepehtina Serrano


Marriage CEO Magazine is a novel concept from The Marriage CEOs, Drs. Richard and Nephetina Serrano, who are also Co-Founders of Covenant Marriages, Inc., Covenant Rescue 911, Covenant Marriages Institute and Co-Authors of The Book, "THE MARRIAGE CORPORATION - Corporate Strategies For Fulfilling God's Purpose In A Covenant Marriage."MCEO MAGAZINE was created to, encourage, uplift, inspire, educate and empower married couples in covenant marriage, couples seriously dating and singles in waiting. The magazine will focus on real issues that matter most in relationships. It will speak to Leaders in Ministry, Moguls, Visionaries and Youth Entrepreneurs, it will focus on the marriage as a corporation, Stories of Struggle/Triumph, Health/Wellness, Faith/Finance, Intimacy/Abstinence, Women in Leadership, Style/Fashion/Beauty, Exclusive Interviews, Spotlight Power Couples, Singles in Waiting, Youth “Guiding Lights” and more.


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