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The Red Blazer Vol. 1

The Red Blazer Vol. 1


by Dr Carl D Wilson


The Red Blazer book is an anthology of 53 Phenomenal Women Co- Authors who are being recognized and honored. These Women took the time to prepare and write their chapters to inspire and encourage other women to be great and achieve their goals. The chapters are about their bios, lifestyles, goals, family, travels and things that make them women who support women empowerment and entrepreneurs. The goal of the first volume of the Red Blazer Anthology is to inspire, uplift, and encourage other women to write a book or anthology to impact other women. Every woman has a story that they can share with others that can help one another with education and progression. The Red Blazer book is Dedicated to Dr. Carl D. Wilson Jr's mother who supported, encouraged, and guided him to success.



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