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Wives On Fire - 2015 Ed.

Wives On Fire - 2015 Ed.


by Adrian McKenzie, Asia Corbin, Carrie Clark, Ciara Desper, Crystal Peurifoy, Dale Sharpe-Lee, Min. Deidra Roussaw, Diana Hill, Dornell Watson-Dean,, et al. | Dec 18, 2015


There has never been a more powerful book for Christian wives than Wives on Fire. Wives on Fire tells the passionate stories of over 30 wives who have written about the ups and downs of marriage. Marriage is hard work and no one really tells you everything that it takes to have a successful, happy, and strong marriage that stands the test of time. When a man and woman stand before God, the minister, and all of their guests and pledges for better or worse, do they really how bad worse can actually be? What does, “Until death do us part” really mean? Each wife author has written their story in an honest and transparent way in order to expose the truth about the tragedies and triumphs of marriage. If you are a wife in search of a real support system that will provide wisdom and some practical solutions to everyday marital issues, this book is for you. Wives on Fire will change your life and ultimately strengthen and change your marriage!


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